zu sondierungsbohrungen in welt mit tonto comics ab 24.1. 2011

1. what is your name?
2. what are you doing here?
3. do you mind if I speak english?
4. why is it so silent?
5. do you believe in artistic processes?
6. what is the red line between all that?
7. do you agree that all this is like a postmodern novel?
8. what is a postmodern novel?
9. what is important, if you drive a car through a curve?
10. what is important, if you create a performance?
11. are you sure?
12. are you ready or do you need more information?
13. what more information do you need?
14. do we understand each other?
15. do you feel, that this is really a collaboration?
16. what is important, when you talk to a cop?
17. what is important, when you feel falling through time?
18. what is important if you make a diner for a lot of persons?
19. did you read all the lines?
20. do you consider the theories of sigmund freud helpful for this?
21. what is important if you prepare an exhibition?
22. do you prefer faces or buildings?
23. what is important, when you have to tell your partner, that you tried to kill somebody, but you failed?
24. what is important if you are in an interrogation?
25. what is important if you climb on a ladder?
26. would you prefer to have music?
27. are you satisfied with your working conditions?
28. are you feeling heavy?
29. are you sometimes thinking about your mother, when you work?
30. what is important if you meet a lion?
31. why did you not eat here?
32. how is it going?
33. what do you think about this little things, that you use to massage the skin of your head?
34. do you consider alcohol or other drugs helpful when you do art?
35. what is important, when you meet a human being?
36. what is important, when you steal a bike?
37. would you rather catch a thief or be caught be a policeman?
38. would rather pose questions or make statements?
39. what is important when you visit an exhibition?
40. how did you come here?
41. which is your favorite picture?
42. can i offer you something?
43. why do you drink?
44. what is important, if your home gets burnt bye terrorist bombs?
45. would you prefer, if the light would be more dim?
46. how would you like to end this performance?
47. what is important when you meet audience?
48. would you prefer being alone?
49. what is the point of going to touristic places and see the landscape?
50. where did you spend the night?
51. do you like the title?
52. what is your favorite movie title?
53. which music would you chose now?
54. do you think that it is a good strategy to just start and see, if you get somewhere?
55. what about irony?
56. are you curious?
57. what do you think about the smoke-ban in public spaces?
58. is this a public space?
59. would you prefer living in a fancy hotel or in a cheap apartment with your lover?
60. who is the protagonist?
61. what is the worst thing, that could happen to us?
62. what is important when you face the biggest mystery in universe?
63. what is the english word for “ERKENNTNIS” ?
64. what is important if you visit an exhibition?
65. do you have a special tool, that you could apply here?
66. do you often make lists of things, that you need?
67. who is going to die first?
68. do you think that they watch french movies in greece?
69. why do you want to buy a house?
70. why did you want to kill someone?
71. would you like a piece of cake?
72. when was the last time when you saw a scissors?
73. what is missing?
74. why didn’t you see the sign?
75. why did you change the pictures?
76. what is the protagonist’s worst paranoia?
77. how are you going to solve the problems in africa?
78. should we read more Foucault? why?
79. do you think, that it is more a circus-show or a television-series with a lot of episodes?
80. what would you like to be the last thought of the visitor, before going home?
81. what is this strange smell?
82. are you tired?
83. why?
84. what happens, when you leave the bathroom?
85. what would you do, if you were on a big stage right now, and there were 400 people watching you?
86. do you think we should change the world?
87. why did you stay at home?
88. how do you know that it is enough?
89. why did you leave the dog in the car?
90. do you remember the picture with the child and the mother and the animals?
91. why would you like to be a terrorist?
92. are you happy?
93. what about the children?
94. when you are 70, will you still try to look sexy?
95. what is important, when you are on a tiny boat heading to europe?
96. what is important, when you are being observed by artists?
97. would you prefer being the boss of a drug-trafficking syndicate instead of being here now?
98. do you feel powerful?
99. do you like dancing? how do you look, when you ‚re dancing?
100. do you prefer night or day?
101. do you like happy ends?
102. why were you out on the streets all alone?
103. do artistic processes have an effect on pregnancy?
104. are you still trying to find hidden connections?
105. are you familiar with the concept of inside-jobs?
106. are you still feeling confident?
107. what is important, when you are in a bathroom?
108. what is important, when you wake up?
109. what is important, when you are doing a heart-surgery?
110. do you need to work in order to have your psychological stability? why (not?)?
111. what about Charly Parker?
112. do you know how to operate a cassette tape recorder?
113. do you mind me watching above your shoulder, while you work?
114. do you think, that man and women can shower together, without any sexual connotation?
115. what is the connection between the two lovers, that apparently tried to kill somebody, and the man, who wanted to steal a car?
116. if you had to chose, which picture would you like to have in your sleeping-room?
117. do you remember all the names and professions of all the people who work on this right now?
118. why did we listen to bad music?
119. why did we watch the pictures?
120. when did you have your last orgasm?
121. what is your relation towards menstruation?
122. did you ever talk to someone, who fought in WORLDWAR II?
123. do you still listen to David Bowie?
124. is there something else, that you would like to say now?
125. do you think, that you and I have the same thing in mind?
126. can I help you?
127. what happened to the old car?
128. who was in that car?
129. did you ever really have a car accident?
130. do you like mushrooms?
131. why do I die?
132. why do people come to exhibitions?
133. which secret do you keep?
134. what is not on the pictures?
135. what should be the next question?
136. why?
137. do you think, that art hurts?
138. why did you end up here?
139. is the story only in your head?
140. what are you working on right now?
141. how much time do you need?
142. why do people work for “medicines sans frontieres” (ärzte ohne grenzen)?
143. how many protagonists are there in this story?
144. which music would you suggest for the final scene, when all the people die?
145. what is the difference between humans and animals?
146. what is the message?
147. do you remember the picture with the people in the cantina?
148. do you remember the picture with the empty living-room?
149. are you scared of social decline? (loss of social status)?
150. why?
151. what is important, when you face death penalty?
152. do you think that the world is more like a performance or like an exhibition? why?
153. is that an intimate situation?
154. do you still believe in performance?
155. why are you attracted to pictures?
156. why do you always watch the same pictures?
157. why do you only use 10% of your brain?
158. why did you watch that picture of MOZART?
159. why do you eat fish?
160. why did you drink so much?
161. would you prefer lose your nose or to lose your arms?
162. would you like to be rich?
163. do you like yellow traffic lights?
164. do pictures change their meaning, if you just watch them long enough?
165. is there a main topic?
166. what is the english term for schlagwort?????
167. why don’t you go home?
168. did you watch all the pictures?
169. how do you feel?
170. do you find relations to recent european history?
171. did you watch all the pictures?
172. do you prefer working in the afternoon or in the morning?
173. do you think, that there is a right answer?
174. what is the protagonist’s worst nightmare?
175. do you consider watching an exhibition as work?
176. what expectations did you have?
177. why did you watch the picture of mozart again?
178. are you familiar with the concept of postmodernism?
179. what is the funniest thing that you could see in this room?
180. what is the saddest thing in this room?
181. do you have a political message?
182. what is the protagonist’s strongest desire?
183. why do people feel attracted to apocalyptic sceneries?
184. could you suggest a nice word instead of “stupid”?
185. did you ever use a gun?
186. are you inspired?
187. how much time do you need to watch all the pictures?
188. which is your favorite place in this exhibition?
189. what was your first idea when you saw the picture with the pope?
190. what is the distance between the picture with the lion and the picture with woman in the bathtub in meters?
191. did you trust the people from tonto- comics?
192. what is your strategy to look busy?
193. why do you always watch the same pictures?
194. what do you think about the concept of marriage?
195. do you like the world?
196. what can you say about the picture with gerhard Schröder?
197. could you give me brief summary of all the pictures?
198. do you more like the photos or the drawings?
199. would you like to dance?
200. why do people have sex?
201. why do people have children?
202. would it look different if we were in another city (like Paris)?